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Deeply understanding the C++exception handling mechanism: the role and practice of try catch slow

Deeply understanding the C++exception handling mechanism: the role and practice of try catch slow

Ry, catch, and throw. These keywords provide us with an elegant and powerful way to handle possible exceptions in the program, making our code more robust and reliable.

Background of exception handling mechanism

In software development, we often encounter various unexpected situations, such as invalid inputs, non-existent files, and disconnected network connections. In these cases, if our program does not have appropriate processing mechanisms, it may cause the program to crash or produce unpredictable results. In order to improve the stability and maintainability of the program, C++has introduced an exception handling mechanism.

1. What is an anomaly?

In C++, exceptions are errors or unexpected situations detected by a program at runtime. These errors can be caused by programmers, or by the system or hardware. For example, dividing by zero, accessing null pointers, array out of bounds, and so on can all cause exceptions.

2. Try block: where the exception occurred

The try block is the starting point of the exception handling mechanism. Placing code that may cause exceptions in the try block is called protected code. If an exception occurs in the try block, control of the program will be transferred to the catch block that matches the exception type.



//Code that may throw exceptions

}Catch (ExceptionType e){

//Code for handling exceptions







3. Catch block: Capture and handle exceptions

The catch block is used to capture and handle exceptions thrown in the try block. A try block can have multiple catch blocks, each responsible for handling a specific type of exception. This polymorphism allows us to execute different processing logic based on the type of exception

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